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And that should just about do it. Miami needed a 4-0 week, and actually managed to win the midweek game. With Pitt coming to town, Miami needed to take care of business. Instead, they lost 2 pitcher’s duels, embarrassed themselves at the plate, and scored a total of 4 runs on the weekend, with 3 coming in the finale. There is really not much to say about the games. Miami lost the opener 2-1, and Game 2 3-0. In Saturday’s Game 3 (moved forward due to weather), Andrew Cabezas shut out the Panthers to at least salvage something. All 3 starting pitching performances were outstanding, but it was mostly for naught. With the losses, the Canes dropped below .500 in ACC play and also stayed 5 games under .500 overall.

There are only 15 games left in the regular season, and if Miami wins out, they’ll finish at 32-22 and 19-11 in the ACC, which would get them in. But you chip away a few wins, and it’s all but done. Just 3 losses puts the Canes at 29-25, and 16-14 in conference. Last year, 32-27 and 16-13 in conference didn’t do it. So the Canes really can afford to lose 1 or maybe 2 more games. So this is done.

But it is FSU week, in Tallahassee. So if you like a bit of Xenophobia with your baseball, this week’s for you.

Florida International
Wed: Apr 18, 6:00 PM
Note: All games have WVUM radio coverage. TV coverage is on ESPN3.

Miami takes on FIU again, having lost the first meeting this year 5-3 at FIU. Michael Mediavilla started the first game, but Daniel Federman picked up the loss. This time, we should see Chris McMahon on the bump.

FIU has struggled this year, and like Miami, will not be playing in the NCAA Tournament unless they win their conference tournament, as they are 18-21 overall and 8-10 in conference. FIU has rotated several pitchers through in their midweek rotation, so it’s hard to say who will start. I’m not going to repeat the entire preview from earlier this year, because not much has changed. FIU struggles to score runs, so this will either be a close game, or a situation in which Miami’s bats actually show up and they win easily.

But it’s hard to find any motivation for either team here. Both seasons are over.

@Florida State
Fri: Apr 27, 6:00 PM, Sat: Apr 27, 6:00 PM, Sun: Apr 29, 1:00 PM
Note: All games have WVUM radio coverage. TV coverage is on ESPN3.

FSU comes into this rivalry at 29-12 and 11-9 in conference. In terms of ACC play, the Seminoles have lost one home series in ACC play to Duke, but it was only 2 games with the 3rd washed out. They have been very strong on home, going 21-5 at Dick Howser Stadium.

Last week’s rotation for FSU was Drew Parrish on Friday, C.J. Van Eyk on Saturday, and Andrew Karp on Sunday. Karp and Parrish are clear starters, but Van Eyk was making his first start last Saturday, and the Seminoles went with a committee approach. But that was due to an injury to regular starter Cole Sands, who might be back this weekend. In any event, Sands has struggled this year with an ERA of almost 5. FSU’s closer is Jonah Scolaro with 4 saves, but overall, their staff is very average, which means they might still lock down the Canes’ hitters.

At the plate, FSU is right in the middle of the ACC with a batting average of .263. But they do have power, which is the Canes’ pitchers biggest issue. Only Drew Mendoza hits over .300 as far as regular starters are concerned. In terms of power, Jackson Lueck has 10 HRs, which is almost as many as the Canes’ entire team. Cal Raleigh and Nick Derr have 6 HRs each. Several other players have exhibited some power. FSU is not really aggressive on the base paths.

Honestly, this looks to be a pretty mediocre FSU team. A decent Miami team would be favored, and a classic Miami team would be favored to sweep. But this Miami team is none of those things, so advantage to FSU.



The Canes effectively ended their unlikely shot at earning an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament with their performance against Pitt. Miami probably has enough of a cushion in the ACC standings that they wouldn’t miss the ACC Tournament. It’s sad to see how far things have fallen, when fans are resigned to hoping for a “stolen bid” by winning the ACC Tournament. As for this week, it has 1-3 written all over it for me. Miami is usually good for one game a week where they get the rare combination of great pitching with marginally acceptable hitting, resulting in a W. 2-2 is probably the ceiling on this week, with a midweek win and sneaking one game from FSU, but don’t get your hopes up. I expect a 1-3 week, including an ignominious sweep at the hands of the Seminoles.


There was a glimmer of hope heading into last week, but that has now been thoroughly extinguished. There’s nothing really much left to say here. The Canes are also a minor losing streak away from playing themselves out of the ACC Tournament, although that is unlikely. So they are really just trying to accumulate enough ACC wins to not finish 13th or 14th overall in the ACC. With that said, this week will probably be a negative in that regard. McMahon will pitch well, and the Canes will win the midweek. They will then get swept at FSU, failing to score in at least 1 game. Miami goes 1-3, and heads toward the bottom of the ACC. 

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