Game Thank God It’s Almost Over: Duke

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Game 12: Duke
Date/Time/Location: 11.30.2019, 15:30, A long walk from a locker room in Durham, NC
Television: ESPN2

Vegas Lines

Miami -9

Known Injuries for Duke

Date Pos Player Injury Status
11/24/19 T Robert Kraeling Leg is “?” Saturday vs Miami Florida
10/09/19 WR Jarett Garner ACL is out for season
10/01/19 RB Brittain Brown Shoulder is out for season
09/06/19 TE Jake Marwede Knee is out indefinitely
09/06/19 RB Marvin Hubbard III Achilles is out indefinitely
08/23/19 LB Koby Quansah Thumb is out indefinitely

Series History

Miami leads the all-time series 13-3 but one of those 3 was last year after Duke won 20-12 in Miami. Miami statistically dominated the game last year, but could not find the end zone. No surprise, as nothing has really changed a year later. When Duke has a winning record, the game is usually close. When Duke has a losing record, Miami usually blows out Duke. This year, Duke has a losing record, so maybe Vegas is onto something.

Duke Overview

Duke comes into this game 4-7 overall, 2-5 in the ACC, and with no shot at a bowl game, this weekend will be their bowl game. This is another way of saying that the fans of Duke football have already turned their attention to Duke basketball, which is really a tough spot for them since Duke just lost at home as a 27 point favorite to Stephen F. Austin. Of course, if Duke were to beat Miami, they would pipe back up but after last week, does it even mean anything? I digress. Duke football. At one point Duke was 4-2 coming off a double digit victory over Georgia Tech, looking like they may play spoiler in the ACC. If you can do math and are paying attention, you know that means they have not won a game since. Only one of those losses was by less than double digits (UNC), and three of those losses were by 30 points+ (including two to bad teams in Syracuse and NC State).

I could tell you that Duke has one of the statistically worst offenses in all of college football, and has trouble moving the ball on anyone with a pulse. I could also tell you that Duke’s defense is marginally better than the offense, but has been dragged out on the field so much in tough positions that they routinely capitulate. Similar to the Al Golden era Hurricanes. But really, at this point, we’re at the very end of the season, we know Duke is not any good, and Miami has lost 8 of its last 13 games as a favorite, and lost three games as a 15+ point favorite this year. So does it matter? No. Good luck seeing who shows up this weekend, but I’m guessing there will be more people at the Friday night Duke basketball game than the football game on Saturday, and Cameron Indoor does not hold that many people.

What to Expect This Week

I pretty much laid out my thoughts on this one in the “About Duke” section. Miami is infinitely better than Duke, and yet decidedly not better than Duke. Miami should win this game by double digits, but they’ve failed to win, much less cover the spread, in every single one of these opportunities this year. I somewhat expect Miami to play decently well on Saturday, just because of all the “noise” about this past week. I also think very few people outside of diehard Miami fans will even pay attention to what transpires.


If JT had decided to stick with the Canes losing shtick, he would have notched a major upset. Instead, everyone takes losses both straight up and against the spread.

Straight Up Against the Spread
Clarke 5-6 5-6
Parasuraman 4-7 7-4
Thomson 4-7 6-5


While the sky is falling for UM fans (for good reason), I expect the players will rally behind their coach this week. The Canes are clearly more talented than the Blue Devils, who outside of their game with Virginia Tech, have been woeful this year. And Miami has shown a tendency to respond best this season when faced with adversity from the week prior. No outcome here would be particularly surprising to me, but I expect the Canes will win a sleepy, forgettable game by two scores.

Miami 27, Duke 14


Miami wins this game, probably rather easily. At least people stop talking about playing Alabama in a month’s time. This should set us up rather nicely to get sent to El Paso or somewhere north for the bowl game, at which point we will get set up against a team that will enjoy playing us physical and dominating us into another postseason loss. Happy Holidays!

Miami 34, Duke 17


Duke won’t be in a bowl game, so this is their last game. I don’t know where the Canes are mentally. Beating Duke won’t accomplish anything, and losing to them would exacerbate everything. There have definitely been motivational issues this year, but that is not the only problem. The Canes are just not a good football team. Duke is worse, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Duke wins in Durham as the Canes sleepwalk to another loss.

Duke 27, Miami 21

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